Many Firsts for an old Familiar Destination

I have been to the Island of Maui dozens of times over the past 20+ years or so… we won’t get into the specific number of years as it is not important to the story and would just age me well beyond my youthful sexy appearance :).  Anyway… we have been to Maui a lot over the years and it is a place that is dear to us and very familiar to us. However this time there were a number of firsts for us as this was our first visit to Maui since moving to Hawaii several years ago. So what was different?

  1. It was the first time we ever flew to Maui from our home in 40 minutes. In the past it has taken us the better part of a day to get there.
  2. It was the first time we ever got to Maui and were in the same time zone as our home. No jet lag, no strange hunger pangs at weird times. No early morning phone calls and text messages from people back home.
  3. It was the first time we ever flew over on a plane with 9 seats. In the past our planes had closer to 300 seats. There are some real advantages to flying the commuter planes. One is that they fly much lower and the views are amazing!
  4. It’s the first time we jumped in the rental car and tuned the radio to the same radio station our car at home is tuned to. Made it feel a little like being home.
  5. It was the first time we walked in the room, turned off the AC and just opened the jalousies and sliders. Didn’t use the air conditioning the entire trip.
  6. It’s the first time we saw Maui as people who live in Hawaii. I never noticed transfer stations on Maui before. We noticed many other things as well that you just don’t see (or chose not to see) as a tourist from far away.
  7. It’s the first time shopping took priority over beach. There are some stores there that we don’t have here and things we wanted to purchase (another post is coming on this soon).
  8. Similarly it was the first time we spent considerable time away from the west side of the island and exploring Kahului. I always considered it a hole with the main airport but it is a really decent town.
  9. It is the first time we walked into stores and knew for sure what was a rip off. We know that 6-packs of beer from Maui Brewing Company should be priced around $10.99 and not $17.99.
  10. It’s the first time I ever remember feeling cold on Maui. Temps dip down there in the evenings a little more than they do in Kona. Once again we are just acclimated to our temperate island climate.

So was the magic of Maui gone? Absolutely not. We saw it through different eyes and it was not the far away exotic destination that it once was but it is still an amazing place just as each of the Hawaiian Islands are… each in their own way and with their own uniqueness and qualities. We still relaxed and chilled and had an amazing getaway — So much in fact that Lynn once commented… “I wonder what time it is at home?”

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One thought on “Many Firsts for an old Familiar Destination

  1. I should have noted another very important first… I was the first time we were not depressed and sad about leaving… it is a short trip back and we can pretty much go whenever we want. And that last sunset over the Pacific is not the last… we’ll just catch it from home. That last dip in the ocean can also be done at home. Aloha.

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