Soaking Wet Booty

I noted in the YouTube description of the video I posted of Sunset on Kaanapali Beach that I ended up with a wet butt. You see, I had been taking photographs for quite a while and the tide had been coming in at a pretty good rate. I had been kneeling for good shots and simply just raising my butt up a bit when the water washed in further and higher. I realized during the course of that 1 minute video that I seemed to be further and further out into the water and that water that had been washing over my feet and ankles was now coming up past my chins and almost to my knees. I didn’t want to screw up the video by abruptly moving so I tried to slowly inch my butt up a bit. Didn’t work. LOL. I stopped it right before it got me a second time and damn near got the camera as well since I was shooting the video about an inch above the water. Oh well who cares about getting a little wet on a beach? It would have been nice had we not been heading to dinner after but that is why you pack extra clothes. Hope you enjoyed the video.

About Kona Blake

The Boys Hawaiian Life follows the life of two guys who live on a big rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Kona Real Estate Now is all about island lifestyle and real estate in Kailua-Kona on the fabulous gold coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.
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